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9 Metre Land Plane

  • Ideal for levelling all sports fields – The surface is left with a mirror finish.
  • Cost effective way to topdress sports fields, due to the efficiency of moving soil into low areas.
  • The 9 metre span ensures sand is moved to where it is required, unlike traditional smudgebars that tend to ride over high and low peakes.
  • Has the ability to move large volumes of sand / soil in quick time
  • Re instate levels back to original design without reconstructing the sportsfield.

Seeding Machine

  • 6 Metres wide ensures NO missed areas
  • Extremely quick can do up to 10 ha per day
  • Extremely fast and even establishment on bare ground or when overseeding warm season grasses with Ryegrass
  • Can apply seeded couch or kikuyu at rates as low as 30kg / ha or high volumes i.e. Ryegrass 500kg / ha

Warm Season Grass Establishment Via Solid Turf Shredder

  • Sprigs supplied in bags tend to be made up of plant stems and leaf, not LONG stolons with multiple nodes
  • Fast establishment 8 – 12 weeks depending on soil and weather conditions and planting rates. Recommended Rate 700-1000 rolls per ha
  • Minimal ground disturbance as shredded turf is pressed into the surface not rotary hoed into the soil.
  • Turf doesn’t dry out compared to sprigs, as material is shredded onsite.