Independent Turf Services provides unique and high quality fertiliser range. Our company prides itself on new technolgy and value for clients with the use of efficient fertiliser options.


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Product Name Description Links
Sierrform GT Spring Start (16-0-13) Activates spring Green up Click here
Sierraform GT Anti Stress (15-0-22) Optimum protection against stress Click here
Sierraform GT All Season (18-3-15) Well balanced green fertiliser
Sierraform GT Pre Seeder (18-10-4) Ideal for Greens with low P
Sierrablen Plus Renovator (20-9-8) Greens Renovation fertiliser


Product Name Description MSDS Links
ITS Alleviate Liquid soil conditioner designed to improve soil performance, including water movement, root developement and aggregate stability. Contains high percentage Calcium compounds view here
ITS  Humic  P & N + TE Available form of Amino phosphorous, Nitrogen & Trace elements view here
ITS Humic Hi K 0:8:21 + TE Available form of Aminophosphorous, Potassium & Trace elements view here
ITS  Humic NK + TE Balanced form of Amino Potassium, Nitrogen & Trace elements ideal for sportsfields and fairways view here
ITS  Humic Fine Turf  NPK + TE Ideal for golf greens or fine cut turf view here
ITS Humic Release Unique product containg highly charged fulvic and potassium humate  to help dry patch and black layer reduction view here
ITS  Humic Magnesium + TE Ideal for Magnesium deficency and aid photosynthesis view here
ITS Humic – Iron Chelate Ideal for Iron deficency and aid photosynthesis view here
ITS Controlled N Accelerate + FE Ideal for promoting growth and color view here


Product Name Description Links
Neutrog Organic fertilisers High grade of unique organic fertilisers Click here
Seamungus Crumbles


Unique organic fertiliser with high moisture retention ideal for all types of soils
Seamungus Liquid


Now in a liquid form so can be applied to Golf greens
Bounce Back Pallets economic pallet fertiliser
Black Belt Crumble Specially formulated compost and soil conditioner


Product Name Description Links
Sportsmaster WSF Hi N 35+0+11.6 + fe Premium water soluble fertiliser Click Here
Sportsmaster WSF Hi K

15+0+35.7 + fe

Premium high K soluble fertiliser Click Here