Independent Turf Services has a wide range of Herbicides, fungicides,Insecticides and growth regulators to choose from.


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Product Name Description Links
Thumper -Thumper Miticide is a Micro Emulsion formulation of Abamectin. Thumper penetrates leaf tissue where its translaminar activity provides extended residual control of mites feeding on both upper and lower leaf surfaces. Also recently registered for Nematode control Click Here
Tirem Residual insecticide to control Scarabs in turf. Click Here
CeaseFire 2G Granular formulation of Bifenthrin which is registered for the control of Armyworm Webworm Ants and adults of Argentine Stem Weevil African Black Beetle and Billbug Click Here
CeaseFire Liquid formulation of Bifenthrin which is registered for the control of Armyworm Webworm Ants and adults of Argentine Stem Weevil African Black Beetle and Billbug. Click Here


Product Name Description Links
Calvary weatherguard For control of fungus diseases on Almonds, Bananas, Cucurbits, Grapes, Ornamentals, Peanuts, Stone Fruits, Tobacco, Turf and Vegetables Click Here
Calvary Calvary is an effective contact fungicide that delivers excellent protection for up to 14 days against Dollar Spot Brown Patch Fusarium Helminthosporium and Grey Leaf Spot. Click Here
Transact Transact is a water based formulation of Iprodione providing economical control of a wide range of diseases in all recreational turf and ornamental plant situations. Click Here
Azoxy 95 Azoxy is an effective xylem systemic fungicide that delivers excellent protection for up to 28 days against the widest spectrum of turf diseases. Click Here
Bumper Bumper is an effective xylem systemic fungicide that delivers superior protection for up to 28 days against Dollar Spot, Spring Dead Spot, Anthracnose, Helminthosporium, Winter Fusarium and ERI fungi including Couch Decline and Take All Patch Click Here
Banol Banol is a fast acting systemic fungicide that provides a high level of curative activity against Pythium.
Mancozeb 750 Mancoflo is an economical low-dust dry mancozeb formulation with a proven record of safer handling excellent compatibility and high performance in the field. Click Here
Shiba Shiba Fungicide is specifically registered for use in turf for the control of Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia solani) and Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homeoecarpa). Shiba Fungicide is a liquid, suspension concentration formulation for ease of use
Patchwork For the systemic control of Dollar Spot and other diseases of turf as specified in the Directions for Use Table.
Axiom MZ 720 Primarily a protective fungicide with some curative action, Axiom MZ 720 fungicide will control Downy mildew and certain other diseases in cucurbits, lettuce and onions. Also controlled are late and early blights in potatoes and blue mould in tobacco. Click Here


Product Name Description Links
Coliseum -For the post-emergent control of Winter Grass in Couch turf surfaces. Click here
Brek -Provides highly effective pre and post control of Winter Grass. Offers unique application timing flexibility for pre-emergent use. Click here
Silverado For the control of moss and broadleaf weeds in golf and bowling greens and high cut turf situations. Click Here
Monopoly For the control of certain weeds in Cotton, Sugarcane, Turf and non crop areas as per the directions for use.
Bow & Arrow Provides outstanding control of the major broadleaf weeds in turf. Contains a unique three way mixture in a low odour formulationFor the post-emergent control of certain broadleaf and grass weeds in turf including Onion Grass Ryegrass & Clover Click Here
Drive Post emergent herbicide which safely and effectively controls White Clover and Summergrass. Also registered for suppression of Kikuyu in both warm and cool season turf.
Embargo Embargo is a pre emergent herbicide providing good residual performance on Winter Grass, Annual Ryegrass, Summer Grass and Crowsfoot in a range of turf species Click Here
Matrix For the pre-emergent control of Winter Grass in a range of cool season and warm season grasses (not couch). Click Here
Kermit non selective Glyphosate frog friendly herbicide Click Here
Oskar fully loaded extra strength Glyphosate formulation Click Here
Bronco 200 For the post emergent control of broadleaf weeds in cereals, linseed, grass pastures and turf Click Here
Cutless M Cutlass M is a selective systemic herbicide containing dicamba and MCPA. Controls annual and perennial broadleaved weeds in winter cereals, pastures and turf Click Here
Farmozine 600 for the post and pre emergent control of various weeds Click Here

Plant growth regulators

Product Name Description Links
Trinex 120 Trinex 120EC is an efficient and versatile turf management tool that maximizes turf quality pre-conditions for stress prevention and optimizes resources. Trinex 120 EC improves turf uniformity and health to provide a smooth tightly knit cover that is better able to withstand stress. Trinex 120 EC achieves this by increasing the lateral spread and turf density in addition to slowing the vertical growth of the grass. This enhances the playability of many surfaces including fairways, greens and tees on golf courses as well as sport fields and other playing surfaces. Click Here
Trinex 250 A unique tool for turf managers that improves turf quality tolerance to stress water efficiency and reduces costs associated with mowing. It is a key ingredient to management programmes in a wide variety of turf situations including golf courses sports fields race tracks parks and gardens Click Here
Payback Product registered for the suppression and restriction of Poa annua (Winter Grass) and growth regulation in turfgrass.