Independent turf services seed is off the highest quality. Our seed varities from couch to ryegrass are imported by our supplier Advanced Seed.

Warm season grass seed

Product Name Description Links
Veracruz seeded couch


Very fine couch with a short dormancy Click Here
La Prima seeded couch Medium range couch, fast establishment Click Here
LaPrima XD Couch Blend per kg ( sold as 25kg) Blend of LaPrima & Veracruz Click Here


Product Name Description Links
Ryegrass SR4600 Turf Perennial -High quality ultra dense dark color Click Here
Ryegrass SR4220 Turf Perennial High quality ultra dense dark color
ITS Olympic Gold Blend Blend with our 3 highest rating Ryegrasses
Transitional Ryegrass AXCELLA II Transitional Ryegrass dark color


Product Name Description Links
various Hard, chewings & creeping red variaties High rating fescues from Advanced Seed Click Here


Product Name Description Links
Tyee Bentgrass Ultradense greens bentgrass Click Here
007 Bentgrass Medium -Ultradense bentgrass Click Here
Dominant extreme Blend of SR varities Click Here


Product Name Description Links
Advanced seeds Click here